BarcelonaNow: citizen data exploration

BarcelonaNow Dashboard: citizen data exploration

BarcelonaNow is a free and open source component of the DECODE’s ecosystem to empower citizens with interactive dashboards for urban data exploration.

BarcelonaNow Dashboard
DECODE proposes new Social Pact on Data: data as a common infrastructure that generates public value DECODE enables citizens to control their data as a common good and to share them on terms that are fair, transparent and accountable. DECODE enables a new generation of decentralised digital applications, where communities can leverage the collective value of their data.  To fully implement data sovereignty, we need tools to give people ownership of data and to democratize the exploitation of data

The massive amount and variety of urban data raise equally big challenges to allow citizens to make sense of open, private and common data for improving their daily life and fostering collective decision making.

Explore DECODE Tools

Secure operating system

DECODE OS is a private and anonymous peer-to-peer network for getting DECODE up and running.

Human-readable smart contracts

Zenroom is the smart contracts engine powering DECODE.

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Authenticated anonymous ‘identities’

DECODE petition app provides anonymous authentication for digital democracy applications and can be easily customized.

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Data commons dashboard

SmartCitizen provides open source, privacy-preserving sensors for citizen monitoring of urban pollution.


BarcelonaNow empowers citizens with interactive dashboards to explore, interpret and share urban data using DECODE.

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Why you should use DECODE


Modular and interoperable.

DECODE tools can be combined and used as part of any platform or app.


Free and open source.

All work produced by the project is published as free and open source.


Decentralised &

In DECODE operations are processed, validated and updated on Sawtooth – distributed by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperleger Consortium


Privacy enhancing.

DECODE is designed with privacy in mind from the ground up.  Personal data on DECODE is defined in terms of ‘Attribute-Based Credentials’ collected and stored in a digital wallet.


Based on cutting edge research.

Based on the selective disclosure credential scheme ‘Coconut’, that enables full blockchain integration while maintaining confidentiality and authenticity.

DECODE In Action: Tested with real communities to build people-first digital cities

DECODE has worked with Barcelona and Amsterdam City Councils to build prototype applications and test them in partnership with real communities.  See the tools in action below.

Digital Democracy and Data Commons (DDDC)

DECODE is integrated with the participation platform Decidim used by thousands to shape the city’s policy agenda. A new e-petition system offers people greater control, improves privacy and allows data sharing and visualization (integrating the BCNOW dashboard)

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Citizens’ IoT Data Governance

Working with Ideas for Change and FabLab Barcelona, DECODE technology enabled Barcelona residents affected by pollution to collect and share encrypted data from environmental sensors anonymously with their communities, on their own terms.

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Anonymous Proof of ID

The City of Amsterdam prototyped a ‘Passport Box’ and mobile web app that allows users to store encrypted passport data from the RFID-chip (inside the physical passport) onto their phone, and share attributes without disclosing sensitive personal information.

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Ethical Social Network

GebiedOnline is a community-owned, member-based platform cooperative for sharing local news, events and meeting neighbours. DECODE tested a more privacy-preserving local social network approach and offered users more granular control over the data they share

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